Life at VCGamers

Our culture is mainly focused on teamwork performance. In this culture, relationships, participation, and company morale are at the forefront. Our culture is focused on keeping the barriers between the executive level and employees to a minimum also highly flexible and focused on thriving with change and taking action by bringing our members together and helps to propel everyone in the organization forward so that the company reaches its goals.

~ We value the longterm company vision

~ We make data-driven decisions

~ Communication is key

~ We believe in "achieve more" to get more

~ We understand that freedom brings more responsibility

~ We are adaptive and ready for changes

S for Sharing

Sharing is not always about material things, but it can also be through non-material things such as simply asking, “What can I do for you?”

C for Caring

Caring and being cared for are the essence of Life at VCGamers. From caring, we can nurture determination and growth.

O for Open

Being open in VCGamers means we will always listen and never bat an eye at any problem, be it a personal or professional issue.

T for Together

Have a commitment to be together at every step towards the successful achievement of the company's vision and mission.

The Perks

There's a lot you can do here. We provide various perks you can get when you become a part of Vicigank!

VCGamers HQ

About Facilities

These are some of the facilities available at VCGamers HQ, curious?